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St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Bennettsville, South Carolina

306 Fayetteville Avenue (Click here for map)  843-479-4827; office@stpaulssc.org

Worship Sunday Morning at 7:45 (Rt. 1) & 10:00 (Rt. 2); Wednesday at 9:30 AM (Healing Eucharist)


Some of the more  memorable moments and reflections from recent activities at St. Paul's, Bennettsville

At St. Paul's, we have traditional

characteristics of worship...



...and then we have the NOT so traditional!





 We have some older clergy...



      ...And we have somewhat younger laity.






   We have formal indoor worship...





  ...And we have informal outdoor worship.




  Diocesan Ultreya was at St. Paul's this year.




     Chris Montrose rests up after all that socializin'.



A bushel of corn, a mound of sausage, and a mountain of potatoes makes...



...the Frogmore Stew at the Autumn Cook-Out 

(no stewed frogs though!).



Fr. James and Donna led the Diocesan

Marriage Conference this year.


And there were some activities on the lighter side (the theme was "Bathing in God's light").



At the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper this year, Woody Collins grilled, while Fr. James

(in background) "supervised".


But the real "Power Player" at the

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

was Frank Townsend, who ran the cash box.



Troy Eric Rogers receives

the Sacrament of Baptism

on Pentecost Sunday.


Kayia Marie Goodman receives

the Sacrament of Baptism

on Pentecost Sunday.



Rihana Vargas and Yanalise DeJesus

carry The Light of Christ

after their Baptism.


At Bizarre Bible Bingo Night

we had quite a few

grand prize winners.


Fr. James, Scott & Carolyn Andrews, Ricky

& Terry Sheets, and Bonnie & Mike Winburn

enjoy pancakes, sausage, and jokes.



We had to settle for 11 candles, because

we couldn't get all one-hundred-eleven to fit!




One of the children's Kites

flown on Ascension Day.



The "Blessing of the Kites"

festoons the Sanctuary

before Ascension Day.






Horses from Fair Day Farm wait to be blessed

on St. Francis Day.




Westpoint and his person, Donna

seemed to really appreciate the blessing!





At our Pets Blessing this year

there were little dogs, like Jake Jackson

and his person Kathryn.



And then there were not so little dogs, like Barnabas Barnhill.




And there were long black dogs,

like Pete Dixon and his person Jimmy.




And there were long white dogs like Abbey Winburn and her person Mike (Abbey is the one who is not wearing a hat!).


And there were dogs who dressed their people in beautiful colors, like Bee Hinson and her person Ella Reese...


 ...as well as were dogs who dressed their owners all in white (note the color coordination between Stafford Wimberly and his person Deborah).


At St. Paul's we are truly a Church of every living color and breed!

Come join us Sunday mornings at 7:45 or 10:00, and Wednesday mornings at 9:30.

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St. Paul's Episcopal Church | 306 Fayetteville Ave | Bennettsville, SC 29512 | (843) 479-4827 office@stpaulssc.org